RIZE JJJ Kid's Belt

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Japanese Jiu-Jitsu Belt available in Premium Cotton or Ultraweave.

Premium Cotton

Often overlooked, the Obi (Belt), is more than just a single piece of cloth that ties around your waist and holds your gi together.  It is a bookmark for your martial arts story.  It is your passport containing all your travel stamps used on this journey.  It is a reminder of your blood, sweat, and years of tears that came as a result of your transformation to becoming the better you.


Receiving an Obi is a beautiful thing.  It is a milestone in your journey that you should feel very proud of.  For some of us, we wear our obi for a very long time.  After all, it's not about the destination, but the journey.  Every detail and every moment is meant to be embraced.  For those who want to find a more exceptional alternative, the Ultraweave Obi is the pinnacle of quality and durability.  Using a weave process produced specifically for an Obi, your story will be safely captured in this beautiful garment.

Size Chart Waist 
C3 / A0